8 June, 2016

The Breaking Bad Experience Tour Tickets

The Breaking Bad Experience Tour Tickets


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Our experience tour packages starts at $75.00+ Taxes per person (2 person min for Limousine use.) Breaking Bad fans will be able to see many of the sites where the show was filmed.

The Experience Package:

is professionally chauffeured in a custom six-eight passenger Luxury Limousine. (Vehicle Substitution maybe applied depending on availability and number of passengers.) The guided tour Starts at
  • The Candy Lady’s shop
  • in Old Town, Albuquerque,
  • 424 San Felipe NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87104
It will last up to three hours and visit filmed locations throughout Albuquerque. These Locations are easily recognizable to “Breaking Bad” fans. Commemorative merchandise will be available after the tour.
For any special needs or additional date information, You will need to specify in the message box at check out Or Call us to make Your Reservations Today: (505) 243-6239 or (800) 214-7731
The Candy lady does not endorse recreational and illegal drug use. Here we encourage people to use the show’s popularity and events to teach others about the Real Consequences, Life Cost and Danger of “Meth” and other illicit drug use. *The Actual Item May Differ Slightly From That Shown In The Image. The images used for for these items are considered Fan art aka fanart. (Artworks created by fans of a work of fiction) No copyright is infringed Breaking Bad is the official property AMC Network Entertainment LLC.

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