Almond Turtles (homemade)


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Almond Turtles are handmade in our store. Turtles are similar to our nut Clusters. The principle difference is turtles are made with centers of nuts and caramel. Each center is en-robed by dipping it in fresh melted chocolate We start with a Hot Milk Caramel recipe that is Kosher and Gluten free we layer it upon chopped fresh roasted almonds. Every Turtle is hand dipped. Usually they are finished with an identifying nut on the top. The exception is pecan turtles. Variations in individual size, shape, color, and weight are normal. (approximately 09-12 units per pound) Ingredients(subject to change with out notice):Milk, White, and Dark dipping Chocolate, Almonds, Sugar, Corn syrup, Milk, Fructose, Coconut oil, Butter, Mono and Diglycerides, Salt, Soy lecithin(emulsifier), vanillin.

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