PEZ Dispensers Hand Painted by Steve White


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PEZ Dispensers are Hand painted by a local Albuquerque artist Steve White. His artwork is signed with his name on the back spine of every piece. These are special order and stocked accordingly. If we do not have your selection in stock when your order comes in, we will contact you and let you know when this particular character will be available; you may also choose an alternate character or opt for a refund. Steve White’s Painted PEZ Dispensers are $35.00 each, plus S and H
  • Jesse in Hazmat Suit: Jesse is covered head to toe in a yellow hazardous material suit with an open face and Jesse’s signature phrase depicted on his cheek.
  • Walter White Cooking: Walt is wearing an orange hazardous material suit with a full open hood to sport his shaven head.
  • Heisenburg: The Heisenburg Figure darns the signature Stingy Brim Porkpie Hat, sun glasses button down shirt and bluejeans.
  • Gus Fring: Gus is done in well with this figure complete with the wound on his face at his demise. He is also wearing a yellow shirt with tie and slacks.
  • Walter White in tighty-whities: Before the shaven head and need to do something “illegal”. Walt was a simple man in his briefs just scraping to get by. I think Steve White did a good job depicting said figure.
  • Walter “Flynn” Jr: Walt Jr is in his green shirt, orange Coat and blue pants. These dispensers are in short supply.
  • Mike with Gun: There is no mistaking Mike. In this piece he is ready for some wet work. Mike is painted wearing a black shirt and pants.
  • Saul Goodman: Sual is painted wearing a suit and tie. His shirt even matches his shoes. This Pez dispenser is ready to represent you in a fix.
  • Featured Message: Artist’s name(signed)
  • Care: Hand wash with care
  • The Candy lady does not endorse recreational and illegal drug use. Here we encourage people to use the show’s popularity and events to teach others about the Real Consequences, Life Cost and Danger of “Meth” and other illicit drug use. *The Actual Item May Differ Slightly From That Shown In The Image. The images used for for these items are considered Fan art aka fanart. (Artworks created by fans of a work of fiction) No copyright is infringed Breaking Bad is the official property AMC Network Entertainment LLC.

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    Jesse in Hazmat Suit, Walter White Cooking, Heisenburg, Gus Fring, Walter White in tighty whities, Walter “Flynn” Jr, Mike with Gun, Saul Goodman