Heisenberg Tiles (framed or unframed)



These are Italian glazed Terracotta tiles with the Heisenberg profile and choice of two famous lines from the TV show. These tiles have become a favorite to many Breaking Bad fans. Each Tile is glazed and fired for durability. Indoor is recommended, and outdoor use requires tile to be treated with water sealant before use. Customers find numerous uses, such as on wall decorations, hotplates(trivet), Desk Art, and Large Coasters. This item is created and professionally made entirely in Albuquerque, NM by local craftspeople.
    Two tile types available:
  • Color:Blue Sky, Black, and White
  • Featured Message 1:“Say My Name”
  • Featured Message 2:“I Am The Danger”
  • Featured Image: Heisenberg’s Front Profile with glasses
  • Extra:Wood Frame (optional)
The Candy lady does not endorse recreational and illegal drug use. Here we encourage people to use the show’s popularity and events to teach others about the Real Consequences, Life Cost and Danger of “Meth” and other illicit drug use. *The Actual Item May Differ Slightly From That Shown In The Image. The images used for for these items are considered Fan art aka fanart. (Artworks created by fans of a work of fiction) No copyright is infringed Breaking Bad is the official property AMC Network Entertainment LLC.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 4 in
Catch Phrase

I Am The Danger, Say My Name


Unframed, Framed